£1000 Cash Advance

Being in an accident can be annoying and painful, and it can lead to a financially difficult time if you are without your car, a job . This could mean expensive journeys to and from work and the hospital, not to mention the medical or rehabilitation costs. So to help you out, all clients in England and Wales can receive get up to a £1,000 cash advance, subject to terms and conditions being met.

The initial terms are as follows:

  1. Based on the information you have supplied, we feel your personal injury claim is worth more than £1500.00; and
  2. Your personal injury claim is likely to be successful; and
  3. We have identified insurers for the other person/company and they have acknowledged your personal injury claim; and
  4. The insurers of the other person/company have admitted liability and not disputed the extent of your personal injury claim as claimed
  5. Completion of a cash advance contract

If the above terms are met, a cash advance payment is made in 2 instalments.


The first instalment of £200.00 is payable within 14 days upon the following Conditions being met:

1.  You attend a medical appointment arranged by Aston Knight Solicitors to assess the extent of your injuries

2.  The medical report confirms the personal injury part of your compensation is worth more than £1500.00

3.  You approve the medical report for us to disclose to the third party.


The second instalment of £800.00 is payable within 14 days upon the following Conditions being met:

1.  We receive an initial settlement offer of £1500.00


In summary, we will pay you up to £200 initial advance within 28 days of your medical report being signed off and sent to the third party, and up to a further £800 within 28 days of us receiving an offer of settlement from the third party.

The cash advance amount paid to you would be deducted from the compensation you win at the conclusion of your case. It’s a great way to make a claim and it’s easy to find out if you’re eligible. Just contact our offices on 0161 447 9193 to discuss your claim and the cash advance in more detail.

To start your claim now, call us for free on 0161 447 9193 or fill out the form above