Accident at Work Compensation Claims

Despite the 21st century workplace seeing an ever greater emphasis on health and safety at work, it is still regretfully only too easy for an accident at work to occur that can result in personal injury to you, or to another. Indeed, often the incident or accident may not be due to your fault or negligence – but is the result of another’s actions or negligence.

Whether in an office working with computers, a window cleaner working at heights, a self-employed creative arts specialist, a chef in a busy kitchen, or a construction worker on a building site, it is only too easy for a small incident to occur that can escalate and cause harm to you or others. Faulty wiring around computers, incorrectly stored materials, operating heavy machinery; all of those can easily cause injury to someone.

The result of an injury at work can be long or short term injury or illness. Those illnesses or injuries can vary from a sprained ankle, to a long term medical condition that affects you for years. In most cases, time off work will be required for you to recover. That time of work, although compensated by sick pay or similar, will result in a loss of income in an uncertain economy. Some injuries or medical conditions might require specialist medical care or treatment. In other cases, long term physiotherapy or occupational health therapy might be needed. The cost of medical or related support or medication can rise and rise. All this is to say nothing of mental issues, worries or concerns along the way.


Workplace Injury Claims

There are any number and type of workplace injuries or accidents that can happen; indeed, too many to go into detail here. The most common ones are listed below. That list is by no means exhaustive: our expert lawyers can assist in any and all such workplace accident claims. Get in touch today to see whether you can claim for your workplace accident.

Back Injury Claims

Brain & Head Injuries

Burn & Scald Injuries

Broken Limbs Injury Claims

Construction Site Accident Claims

Dangerous Machinery Accident Claims

Defective Equipment Injury Claim

Forklift Accident Claims

Inadequate Training Injury Claim

Loss of Limbs & Amputations

Loss of Sight Claims

Repetitive Strain Injury Claims

Scaffolding & Working at Height Accidents

Spinal Injury Claims

Toxic Substance Accidents & Injuries

Workplace Slips, Trips & Falls


As an employee, you have certain rights under law. Indeed, many of those rights extend to contractors, self-employed, or agency workers.

A large part of those legal rights is centred on health and safety under the Health & Safety At Work Acts (1974 & 1994), and many other laws and regulations, your employer is duty bound and legally obliged to provide you with a workplace which is a safe environment to work in. Under law, your employer (or site or building operator) is bound to take all necessary and reasonable steps to ensure the safety of those at work or in the premises. Indeed, employers are required by law to have adequate insurance policies (such as Employer’s Liability Insurance) to cover just such accidents.

Injuries at work can often happen as a result of those standards and regulations not being followed. Quite often, such an accident at work can arise due to the negligence of a colleague or manager, and health and safety policies, procedures and regulations not being observed.

If you have been injured at work, in many cases it was due to the fault and negligence of a colleague or employer. You might very well be able to make a workplace injury claim against your employer,

Although it can be awkward at work making such a claim against an employer, once again the law is there to protect you. Whilst making a personal injury claim against an employer, your rights as an employee are protected, as is your job. You can make a legal claim against your employer, without fearing any consequences for your job or prospects at work.

To make a successful accident at work claim, it needs to be established that certain legal criteria and tests are met. The main criteria are that the accident at work occurred within the last three years, and was not your fault.

The outcome of any personal injury claim will vary with your individual case; it is best to seek legal advice as to your specific accident or injury. Talk to a specialist personal injury lawyer today to see whether you could be eligible for compensation following your accident at work.


Specialist Work Accident Claims Solicitors

Talk to about your accident at work compensation claim. We are experts of many years, and are fully conversant with all and every type of workplace accident claims. Our friendly advisors are here to assist you at every step of the legal process and will advised you fully as to the best way forward legally. Dealing with legal or court matters can be stressful and bewildering to the layman: at, our expert lawyers will be there to guide you through the legal and court system, and will make things as easy for you as possible.

During the first few consultations with our specialist lawyers, make sure that you keep all medical reports, report and record the incident in line with RIDDOR or accident at the time. The more information, detail and documentation, the better and stronger your case


No Win, No Fee Accident Compensation Claims

At, we take our cases on a CFA (Conditional Fee Agreement) basis of funding. Better known as “no win, no fee”, under a CFA you do not pay us anything up front. We only get paid when your case is satisfactorily settled. As such, you can make a personal injury claim following a workplace accident at little or no financial risk to yourself.

If you have been injured at work following a workplace accident within the last three years, and it was not your fault- you might be eligible for compensation. Contact our expert lawyers at to discuss your claim, and to get your legal claim stated, at little or no financial risk to yourself.