Back Injury at Work Claims

Back injuries can occur in all kinds of workplaces, and can cause serious pain and great inconvenience for those who suffer them. If you have received a back injury at work and somebody else was at fault, then you may have a legal right to claim financial compensation.


Types of Back Injury

In fairly simple terms, there are two main kinds of back injury that tend to occur in the workplace. Many workplace injuries involve damage to the spine. The spine is made up not just of bones but of nerves and connective tissue, and any of these might become damaged as a result of a workplace accident.

The back also contains a number of important muscle groups, and these can also become injured following accidents at work. These include the muscles that directly support the spine, so there is not always a clear line between spinal and muscular back injuries.


Causes of Back Injuries in the Workplace

There are a number of different types of workplace accidents that can result in back injuries, but the most common factor at play is heavy lifting. Lifting excessive weights or inappropriate lifting practices can result in the muscles of the back becoming strained, sprained or even torn. For this reason, anybody involved in heavy lifting activities in any workplace should receive proper training in the correct way to lift things, whether it’s carrying heavy loads all day on a construction site or just bringing very large packages into the office. There are also strict limits on things like the amount of weight that one person can lift without assistance.

While heavy lifting is the most prevalent cause of workplace back injuries, it is not the only one. Another fairly common cause of back injuries is tripping or slipping over and falling backwards, or falling from a height and landing on your back. When your back hits the ground hard as a result of a fall, the sheer traumatic force of the impact can cause damage. Most commonly, this will be damage to the spine and surrounding tissues. However, falling can also potentially result in muscular damage, especially if you land on uneven ground or on top of some object.


Consequences of Back Injuries

The consequences of back injuries can range from mild discomfort to severe pains and major lifestyle disruption. Even back injuries classed as minor can result in pain that can take up to five years to go away altogether. More severe back injuries – those which might be categorised as moderate – can require surgery and ongoing medical attention. Both minor and moderate back injuries can result in not only pain but time off work, problems with mobility, and potentially significant disruption to your lifestyle.

Serious back injuries can require serious medical treatment, and can result in long-term or even permanent pain and mobility issues. The most severe cases can result in paralysis of parts of your body and problems with organ function.

No Win No Fee Compensation Claims for Back Injuries

Your employer has a legal duty to provide you with a safe environment in which to carry out your work. If you have had an accident because they have been negligent in carrying out this duty, then you are entitled to claim compensation for your injury.

At we specialise in helping people claim compensation when they have suffered as a result of an accident in the workplace caused by someone else’s negligence. We help you through every stage of the claims process, explaining all legal matters clearly and without unnecessary jargon. Claiming compensation from an employer is never easy, but our aim is to take as much of the burden off of your shoulders as possible, leaving you to focus on getting better.

Every claim we handle is carried out on a no win no fee basis. If you don’t win any compensation, you don’t pay us anything either. That way you can start your claim with the benefit of our experienced legal professionals, safe in the knowledge that you have nothing to lose financially.