Brain and Head Injury Compensation Claims

The brain is not just an utterly essential organ but a uniquely complex one, and this can make it very sensitive and vulnerable to damage as a result of head injuries. Even today, doctors have only a basic understanding of how the brain really works and this means that treatment options for brain injuries are often quite limited and the recovery process can be long. In some cases, part or all of the damage could be permanent.

If you have suffered a brain or head injury at work and it was caused by somebody else’s negligence, you may have a legal right to claim compensation for the suffering you have been through.


Causes of Brain and Head Injuries at Work

The best-known cause of head injuries and brain damage in the workplace is simply physical trauma – in other words hitting your head. This is not the only way that such an injury can occur, but it is probably the most common. However, there are many different ways in which such an impact can come about.

One cause of head and brain damage that can happen in just about any kind of workplace is tripping or slipping over. Falling suddenly as a result of a trip or slip can mean hitting your head quite hard on the ground, and this sudden blow can be severe enough to cause significant damage to the head and brain. The danger of such an injury can be even greater if you hit your head on some other object on the way down, such as on an item of furniture.

Hitting your head during a fall can happen in any workplace, but other workplaces may pose other hazards that could result in injury to the head. Examples include heavy falling objects, such as building materials or tools, falling from height and hitting the ground harder than if you had simply fell over, or being hit in the head by heavy machinery.


Consequences of Head Injuries and Brain Damage

Damage to the head, and more particularly the brain, can take a long time to heal. As one of the human body’s most complex and delicate parts, the brain is not good at making quick recoveries and, despite all the modern advances made in the field of medicine, treatments can only do so much to help. Even leaving aside the more severe cases where damage might be permanent, returning to normal can take several years, and those years can involve large amounts of specialist medical care and serious mental and physical debilitation which can make it difficult to stay fully active.

The brain is responsible for controlling the whole body as well as housing the mind, so severe consequences both mental and physical can result from even damage that would seem fairly minor. A head injury can leave people struggling with fairly basic activities such as fine motor control, walking and speaking. Mental consequences can be equally serious and potentially life-changing; psychological issues, cognitive difficulties, learning problems and changes to personality can all follow an injury to the head which affects the brain.

This can make it difficult or impossible to stay in work, adding serious financial worries to an already difficult and stressful time, and magnify the suffering involved in the aftermath of the injury.


The Law and Workplace Head Injuries

By law, an employer has a duty to care for the health of all employees and ensure they are able to carry out their work in safety. There are a number of things your employer is obliged to do in order to achieve this. If you have been involved in an accident at work and have suffered a head or brain injury as a result, and if this is because your employer or another third has failed and been negligent in these duties, then you may have a right to claim compensation. Compensation is intended to help protect your finances during recovery, make up for your suffering as far as money ever can, and go some way to righting the wrong caused by the other party’s negligence.

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