Burn and Scald Injury Compensation Claims

Burns and scalds are unpleasant and painful injuries, which can range from minor to severe. They represent a fairly common group of workplace injuries, with even seemingly safe tending to contain risks. If you have suffered a burn or scald in the workplace, and if you weren’t at fault but rather another party such as your employer was negligent, then you may have a legal right to claim compensation.


Types Burns and Scalds

The difference between burns and scalds is relatively straightforward; burns are caused by dry heat, while scalds are caused by wet heat. Heat in the air or hot, solid objects cause burns, while hot liquids and steam cause scalds.

This distinction only applies to burns caused by heat. Chemical burns such as acid burns are something different again, even if the resultant injuries are effectively similar. If the injury is caused by chemical action rather than by heat, it will usually be referred to as a burn even if the chemical that caused it was a liquid.

Yet another type of burn exists; the electrical burn. The injury is similar in many ways to other kinds of burn, but as with chemical burns the cause is very different. Naturally these injuries are caused by a source of electricity – usually faulty electrical equipment – rather than by heat.


Burn and Scald Accidents in the Workplace

The type of workplace that is probably most associated with burns and scalds is the commercial kitchen. This is, of course, a workplace with multiple heat sources operating at any given time, producing a number of hot objects and pans filled with hot water, oil and other liquids such as sauces. Many industrial and manufacturing sites also contain a number of risk factors such as heat-generating equipment, hot liquids, electrical equipment, and chemicals.

However, even workplaces that seem fairly safe and mundane such as offices often carry risk factors for burns and scalds. Hot liquids are one of the main examples. Most workplaces will be equipped with facilities for making tea and coffee. Others may serve hot food, which could include liquids such as soups and stews. If poor safety protocol is observed, there is a very real opportunity for these to be involved in accidents at work resulting in scalding. Most workplaces are also equipped with electrical equipment – often large amounts of it in the case of offices – and if these are not properly maintained and develop faults then they can become the cause of electrical burns.


Symptoms and Aftermath of Burns and Scalds

The initial effect of being burned or scalded is simply pain. If the burns are even moderately severe, this pain can be very intense. The injury will often continue to be very painful as it heals, and the healing process can be a slow one. Severe burns and scalds frequently lead to hospitalisation, and in more extreme cases may require quite significant medical intervention such as skin grafting in order to effectively heal. Over this potentially lengthy recovery time, a person may find they are unable to work, especially if further medical treatment is required beyond the initial attention that the injury receives. This can leave them with financial worries on top of everything else.

Even when the injury has healed, it can leave the victim with long-lasting or permanent after-effects. Serious burns and scalds of any kind, including electrical and chemical, can cause permanent scars and long-lasting disfigurement.


Personal Injury Claims for Workplace Burns and Scalds

All employers have an obligation under the law to provide a safe and healthy environment in which their employees can work. If your employer, or another party, has been negligent and this has led you to suffer a burn or scald that was not your fault, then you may be entitled to claim personal injury compensation.

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