Construction Site Accident Claims

Construction sites are busy, active workplaces with large numbers of people from a range of different trades such as builders, electricians, plumbers and carpenters. Unfortunately, they are also among the more dangerous workplaces. Busy activity, working at heights, tools, heavy materials, and powerful machinery all create serious risk factors and can lead to serious accidents on construction sites.

This is why construction sites are subject to strict safety legislation, and employers are required by law to take adequate steps to minimise construction site risks and ensure that the working environment is as safe as it can be. If you have suffered an accident while working on a construction site and you believe it is because somebody else has been negligent in upholding the required standards of safety, you could be legally entitled to make a compensation claim.


Types of Construction Site Accident

The hazards present on construction sites are far more varied than those you will find in most other workplaces. This is partly down to the huge range of different types of work that go into creating a complete, finished building. As such, there are a great many types of accident and injury that might occur on construction sites, with an equally varied range of consequences. Many can be painful, and can carry long recovery times in which construction workers will be unable to work.

Many of the hazards relate to what is commonly understood as construction work; physically building the frame, walls, roof and so on. This involves heavy machinery that has the potential to seriously damage the human body if something goes wrong, for example if somebody gets a part of their body caught between moving parts, and sharp, heavy hand tools can also lead to serious injuries. Large amounts of various building materials create trip hazards. A lot of work also takes place at height, creating the risk that either somebody will fall to the ground or that building materials or tools will drop on somebody below. Cutting, sawing, and the use of powdered substances such as cement can also pose risk factors, as inhaling particles can lead to respiratory problems if proper safety equipment is not provided and used.

Professionals in other, related trades will also be present on construction sites, making the building ready for use upon completion. Electricians are a key example, and this represents another avenue of risk. Electrical work, along with the presence of electrically-powered machinery that could pose a risk to anybody if faulty, create the risk of electrocution. Some types of work may also involve heat, such as plumbing work where heat is often used to join pipes with solder, and this can lead to serious burns.


The Law and Construction Site Injuries

The nature of construction sites means that, to some degree, they will always be risky environments. However, this doesn’t change the fact that developers and building companies, like all other employers, are bound by law to take measures to ensure their employees have a safe and healthy environment in which to work. On the contrary, the high numbers of risk factors on construction sites make it all the more important that employers carry out these duties, taking steps to ensure that risks are minimised and accidents are avoided as far as possible.

If an employer, or sometimes an employee in a position of responsibility, is negligent in dealing with the risks of construction sites and somebody is injured as a result, the law makes provision for the injured party to claim compensation. Those who have been injured in a construction site accident through somebody else’s negligence and not through their own fault may be entitled to claim money in compensation for their suffering and for the time they are unable to work.


Making a Claim

Compensation could be your legal right if you have been injured on a construction site, but the claims process can be stressful. At, our legal experts specialise in taking as much of this burden off of your shoulders as we can, leaving you free to focus on your recovery.

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