Dangerous Machinery Accident Claims

Many modern workplaces rely on machines of one kind or another. The machines in question may be big or small, electrical or powered by fossil fuels, and they may serve any number of purposes from food preparation to construction to gardening. However, unfortunately many of these machines are also dangerous, and they can add significant hazards to the modern workplace.

For this reason, machines are one of the big considerations of workplace safety law. Employers are under a legal obligation to take steps to preserve the safety of people using these machines and keep the risk of accidents involving dangerous machinery as low as it can possibly be.


The Hazards of Workplace Machinery

The dangers of workplace machines, and the kinds of accident that can occur as a result, are as varied as the machines themselves. Often, the danger is simply a result of how powerful the machine itself is. Apparatus designed for applications such as heavy lifting and crushing, or those that simply feature parts which move with a lot of force, can very easily cause injury if proper safety precautions are not taken. Accidents in the workplace involving machines of these kinds can lead to people being crushed, knocked over, or simply hit with great force.

Other machines are designed for cutting, and these naturally involve sharp blades moving at great speeds. Major examples include the various kinds of mechanical saw found in many workshops, and a wide range of devices commonly used in commercial kitchens. These can lead to dangerous machinery accidents that involve severe laceration, heavy bleeding and, in extreme cases, body parts being entirely severed.

Even seemingly safe and innocuous machines can pose a hazard if they are allowed to become faulty and this is not properly spotted and dealt with. The majority of machines in the workplace are electrical. Damaged, exposed wiring and other kinds of electrical fault can lead to users of these machines being electrocuted. Electrocution at mains voltage can cause serious burns and other injuries or even be fatal.


The Consequences of Accidents with Machinery

As both the types of dangerous machinery found in the workplace and the kinds of accident they can cause are extremely varied, so two are the consequences. However, a few things are comparatively common when it comes to the things that people injured in accidents at work with machines can face.

Many dangerous workplace machinery accidents can cause severe and fairly long-lasting damage. Whatever that damage might be – burns, wounds, broken bones or something else – they can easily be very painful in the short term and require significant amounts of medical treatment and a lot of time in order to properly heal. During the time it takes to recover from these injuries, many people are unable to work and experience a drastic reduction in their quality of life, and some injuries caused by dangerous machines may never fully heal at all.


Dangerous Machinery Accidents: the Legal Position

Any working environment is subject to strict health and safety legislation, with employers having a legal duty of care over their employees. The law demands that businesses provide safe workplaces for those they employ, and when potentially dangerous machinery is involved the laws are especially strict in order to make sure that the risk to employees is kept low. Some of the main legal obligations placed on employers include making sure that they provide machines that are fit for purpose and free from potentially dangerous faults, ensuring that only employees who have had the necessary training are allowed to use dangerous machines, and providing adequate safety equipment to those working with machines.

If you have had an accident with a machine in the workplace and it was not your fault, and if you believe the accident happened because of someone else’s negligence regarding safety procedure, you may have a legal right to compensation. At CompensationClaims.co, we have a team of experienced legal experts who specialise in helping accident victims with their claims. They will work hard to make the procedure as smooth as possible, explaining every step clearly and without jargon, and if your claim is not successful you won’t owe us a penny. To find out more or to start your claim, call us on 0161 447 9193.