Forklift Accident Injury Claims

Forklifts play a key role in many working environments such as warehouses, construction sites, and anywhere else where large goods or consignments must regularly be moved around. However, forklifts are both vehicles and a form of heavy lifting machinery, and unfortunately both of these things carry risks.

For this reason, all forklift operators must be properly trained and qualified before they are actually allowed to use these machines in the workplace. Even so, forklifts account for their fair share of workplace accidents – more than cars and heavy goods vehicles. Even the most skilled drivers have to contend with challenges like limited visibility, busy working environments, and the fact that forklifts can be poorly-suited to things like uneven ground, and this leads to a number of accidents involving a forklift taking place every year in workplaces across the country.

Accidents in the Workplace with Forklifts

Various things can lead to accidents at work with forklifts, and it is not just those operating the forklifts that are at risk. The majority of forklift-related injuries are received by people other than the actual driver.

Some of these accidents are the result of forklifts simply colliding with pedestrians. Forklifts often operate in busy workplaces with many pedestrians. Forklift drivers have restricted visibility to contend with, and the fact that most forklifts use their rear wheels for steering often confuses pedestrians as to which way they are about to turn. For this reason, workplaces have to impose strict rules to limit the risk of accidents with forklifts and pedestrians, but if proper practices are not put in place, or if somebody is behaving recklessly, then the risk can be high.

A number of other risks can are also involved in forklift usage. Forklifts do not cope well with uneven or markedly sloped ground, and therefore can be dangerous if used on inappropriate surfaces. This means a lack of stability and a high centre of gravity, and this can be very bad for a machine designed to lift heavy loads. The result can be that the forklift loses its balance as it lifts its load and topples over, resulting in a high risk of injury for the driver or for anyone unfortunate enough to be standing close at hand.

Another risk can come from the load itself. If a load is being lifted incorrectly or is unstable, or if it has not been properly secured to the pallet, there is a risk that some or all of the load being lifted could fall and cause injury to nearby pedestrians. When a forklift is picking up a load from a rack or stack, there is also a possibility that an item on the other side could inadvertently be pushed off and cause injury to anybody standing nearby.


Forklift Injuries

These accidents can result in a wide range of injuries. Somebody caught under a forklift that topples over may well suffer broken bones and severe bruising. Similar injuries may very well be experienced by a pedestrian who is hit by a moving forklift and knocked over or even run over.

Similar injuries may also be caused when a load falls from a forklift or from a rack after a forklift displaces it while lifting something else. If these hit somebody on the head, they may also cause head and brain injuries. Any of these accidents may leave the victim in a lot of pain, facing potentially major medical treatments, and with lengthy recovery times ahead.


The Law and Accidents at Work With Forklifts

Employers are bound by law to protect the safety of their employees, and when dangerous machines such as forklifts are involved the laws are especially strict. Employers must, for example, make sure that only those who are properly trained and qualified ever operate forklifts. They must also make sure that proper safety practices are in place to prevent accidents and injuries with forklifts from taking place.

If an employer has not properly carried out the necessary safety precautions, and as a result you have been injured by a forklift at work through no fault of your own, you could be entitled to compensation. At, our team of legal experts can help you get the compensation you deserve in the simplest and most stress-free way possible. All our claims are no win no fee; if you don’t get any compensation you don’t owe us any money.

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