Loss of Sight Compensation Claims

Losing your sight in a workplace accident can be be very distressing, and will change your life permanently at a fundamental level. We rely heavily on our eyesight for carrying out everything from the most basic tasks to the most complex, so suddenly finding yourself without the use of your sight can leave you having to learn basic skills all over again and forced to adapt to a whole new way of living.

Employers have a legal duty of care over the people they employ, and are required by law to observe adequate safety precautions to prevent accidents. If you have lost your site after an injury in the workplace because your employer has failed to observe the safety standards required, the law may entitle you to financial compensation.


Loss of Sight Accidents at Work

There are a few kinds of injury that might take place in a working environment and result in partial or complete loss of eyesight. Eyes are sensitive things, and can be quite vulnerable to certain types of damage. For example, sources of intense light can cause damage to the eyes if proper protection is not worn. Welding is a good and common example of a task that requires highly-effective eye protection in order to prevent intense light from causing damage to the eyes, but other tasks that involve very bright sources of light can be equally dangerous if proper safety procedure is not observed.

Chemicals can also be seriously damage eyes, and those working with potentially hazardous substances should be supplied with suitable goggles. If acids, alkaline substances, or other potentially harmful chemicals get into the eyes, they can cause serious damage to the eyes themselves and therefore to eyesight, making proper protection highly important. This is true of liquid chemicals, which can end up in eyes if they splash and spill, as well as some powdered chemicals and in some cases even fumes.

Another common hazard that can cause loss of eyesight in workplace injuries is debris. When certain types of work are being carried out, particles – potentially sharp – and splinters can fly around in unpredictable directions with great force. If these hit the eye, they can seriously injure it and potentially become embedded in the eyeball. Breaking up or chipping away at substances like stone, cement and tarmac can be hazardous in this way, as can certain kinds of work involving wood, garden waste, and many other materials.


The Consequences of Sight Loss

Losing your site in an accident at work is without doubt one of the most devastating injuries you can receive. Almost every aspect of your life will be affected. Simple things like getting around your own home – let alone public streets – preparing food, and using most everyday objects will become a challenge. Learning to do these things competently again without the use of your eyes will require a long process of learning and readjustment lasting long after you have physically healed so far as you ever will.

While healing and adjusting to life without eyesight, you will almost certainly be unable to work. It may well also be the case that you will not be able to return to the kind of work you were in before without your eyesight, and there will be limits on the other kinds of work you will be able to do. For many, this problem adds severe financial pressure onto what is already a devastating experience.


Making a Claim for Loss of Sight at Workplace

If you have lost your site in an accident at work through no fault of your own, you may be entitled to compensation. If the accident that cost you your site was caused by your employer or, in some cases, another employee being negligent in their duty to maintain a safe environment at work, the law gives you an automatic right to financial compensation. This is designed to alleviate financial worries while you are out of work, and to help make up for your suffering as far as any money ever could.

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