Repetitive Strain Injury Claims

Many occupations require workers to perform repetitive motions. These motions do not have to involve heavy weight to cause strain on joints. Here are a few of the most common strain injuries and conditions and who is most likely affected.

Back and neck issues

These can occur from sitting for too long with improper posture. This can be caused by something as simple as not being provided with the right chair for your job if you are an office worker. Standing for long periods of time on hard surfaces can be stressful on your neck and back. Long term strain can lead to other conditions such as arthritis.

Hand, Arm, and Shoulder Pain

Many people that experience repetitive strain injuries get them in the areas of their hands, wrists, neck, and shoulders. Repetitive tasks such as typing, using a computer mouse, meat processing, and some manufacturing tasks, can lead to health issues.

Symptoms of Repetitive Strain Injuries

• Pain in the extremities that sometimes even causes loss of sleep
• The urge to rub muscles in your hands, neck, or wrists during and after work
• Tingling, numbness, or strange sensations in your hands or feet
• Secondary health concerns such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Occupations With A High Risk Of Repetitive Strain Injury

• Housekeepers and Janitors
• Meat packers and Fish Processors
• Manufacturing Line Workers
• Office Professionals
• Computer Technicians
• Musicians and Artists
• Writers
• Dock Workers
• Drivers and Delivery Personnel

Treatment Options

Work strain injury treatments usually start with the employee being required to stop doing the activity that caused the strain in the first place. This can result in lost wages and medical bills that quickly add up.

The effects of repetitive strain injuries can be devastating to your quality of life as well as your ability to provide for yourself and family members. If your employer has been negligent then you deserve to get help. The evidence needed for your claim can vary. For any injury you will need to have a complete medical exam and diagnosis from a qualified physician.

Employers can help reduce the incidence of these injuries by providing ergonomic office furniture and equipment such as wrist rest keyboards. Another common issue that leads to strain injuries is pressure from employers to perform tasks as quickly as possible. When an assembly or processing line is sped up, the risk for repetitive strain injuries increases substantially.

Work Claim Laws

Many people are eligible for a work accident claim due to strain injuries. Old injuries such as sprains and strains can resurface with new symptoms leading to loss of quality of life and mounting expenses.

The law states that employers are required to provide a reasonably safe and healthy working environment for the industry they are involved in. All employers must have adequate insurance to cover injuries to workers that may occur during an employees career.

If you have any reason to suspect that your employer has been negligent in providing a safe working environment then you might be entitled to compensation from your employer. A successful claim will prove that the employer was the main cause of your illness or injuries.

In order to make a claim against an employer you have to be able to directly link your problem to something that they caused. Making this link can be difficult and many companies have a law team ready to intimidate employees into not pursuing a case. They may even offer a low settlement figure to keep from going to court for a larger sum.

If you want to make a claim then you need a qualified attorney to help you get the funds you deserve. Our dedicated team will work hard to help you build a solid case and get properly compensated for your injuries and ailments.

Compassionate and Confidential Service Is Our Specialty

While some solicitors expect payment no matter what, our team knows that this is not an option for those that are suffering and low on cash due to medical bills and other expenses. When you contact us we will make sure that you get a comprehensive free consultation that ensures your information is kept 100% confidential regardless of outcome.

If for some reason you do not get any compensation, you owe our offices absolutely nothing for services rendered. If you are suffering and in need of help there is no reason to not get started working on your claim as soon as possible.