Spinal Injury Claims

If you have received a spine injury in an accident at work, the effects on your life can be more serious and more long-lasting than they can with many other types of injury. Injuries to the spine can be painful, slow to heal, and can seriously limit your mobility. In some cases, limited mobility and even paralysis can be permanent or long-term, changing your life indefinitely. Even if the effects are not permanent, a lot of suffering and potentially a large amount of medical treatment can be involved.

Those who have received spinal injuries in the workplace through the fault of their employer, for example as a result of inadequate safety precautions being taken, may be entitled to make a compensation claim.


Spinal Injuries and Accidents at Work

One of the most common ways in which people might injure their spines as a result of an accident at their place of work is through falling. This may mean falling over at ground level as a result of a slip or trip, or falling from a height such as when working on scaffolding or on a ladder. Landing on your back as a result of a fall can cause serious injury to the vertebrae, connective tissues, or nerves of the spine. The risk of injury is even higher, and the injuries have the potential to be even more serious, if you land on top of something or on a very uneven surface.

Manual workers who are required to lift heavy loads may also suffer from back injuries that can be painful and long-lasting. This is most likely to be the case if a worker is required to lift a load alone that is too heavy to be appropriate for one person – or even multiple people in the case of extremely heavy loads – or if proper lifting practices are not observed. Some of the more significant spinal injuries that may be suffered from lifting heavy weights include cracked vertebrae and slipped discs.


The Aftermath of a Spinal Injury

Some spinal injuries can have serious, permanent effects but even spinal injuries that do not cause lasting damage can be very unpleasant. Damage to the spine can be especially painful, require close professional medical treatment, and take a long time to heal. The spine plays a big role in all kinds of bodily movement, and you may be surprised just how restricted your ability to move is when the spine is stiff or too painful to move very much. For this reason, you may well be unable to work and have difficulty performing fairly basic tasks while your recovery is ongoing.

More serious spinal injuries can have long-term and even permanent effects These can be very serious and have a devastating impact on your life, such as paralysis of the body below the point of the spinal injury. The spine is more than just a collection of bones; it is an important part of the central nervous system, carrying the nervous signals that allow your brain to control your body to the necessary muscles. If the nervous tissues of the spine are seriously damaged, this can interrupt the signals that tell the muscles what to do and leave you unable to move parts of the body. This kind of damage does not heal easily even with expert medical treatment, so you may never recover the use of these parts of the body. As a consequence, your life can be totally changed and you may never be able to return to your original line of work.


Spinal Injury Compensation Claims

If you have received damage to the spine after an accident at work, you could have a legal right to claim compensation. If you were not at fault and your employer was negligent in their strict legal duties to maintain safety standards, you might be entitled to a financial settlement. This can help lessen financial worries while you are unable to work, and pay for any adaptations your home may need if you are now living with permanently reduced mobility.

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