Toxic Substance Accident and Injury Claims

Those working in a number of different roles and industries might be required to interact with or be around toxic substances. In most cases, rigorous safety procedures – required by law in all workplaces where toxic substances can be found – will ensure that they do not come to any harm. However, when proper safety procedures are not observed, accidents and injuries can result.

Protecting employees who work with or around toxic substances is more than just something an employee should expect from their employer; it’s a legal duty. Every business has a duty to provide a safe workplace for their employees, and when clear hazards such as dangerous substances are present then the measures that they must implement in order to comply with legal requirements are all the more stringent.


Toxic Substances in the Workplace

A number of different workplaces may contain toxic and harmful substances. Scientific, technical and industrial workplaces all commonly contain substances with toxic properties. In all of these industries, potentially harmful chemicals are often central to the work that is carried out and employees may be required to work very closely with these substances.

Those working in agriculture may also be required to work with dangerous substances. Pesticides and weed killers, in particular, are toxic substances by definition and have the potential to be very harmful to humans if not handled with appropriate care and adequate safety measures in place.

Toxic substances may also be present workplaces where you may not expect to find them. In particular, some cleaning products, especially heavy duty cleaners, also have toxic properties and have the potential to cause harm if they become involved in some kind of workplace accident.

Toxic substances are often liquids, but this is not always the case. Some are solids, especially powdered chemicals. Still others may produce dangerous fumes, meaning that direct contact with the chemical in question is not always necessary in order for people to be harmed.


Injuries as a Result of Accidents with Toxic Substances

Depending on the substance and the amount of exposure, there is a lot of variation in the severity of the injuries that can be caused. Sometimes, the result can be a reaction which, while deeply unpleasant, is mercifully short term – though sometimes this is only the case thanks to swift and effective medical treatment.

In other cases, exposure to toxic chemicals at work can result in more long-lasting ill-effects. These can require more intensive or more prolonged medical attention, as well as leaving victims with a much slower recovery process. This, of course, means more time spent dealing with unpleasant symptoms and most likely more time spent out of work.

In the most extreme cases, exposure to toxic substances can cause permanent damage, so that victims never fully recover from their symptoms, or even death. Depending on the type of toxic substance and the manner of exposure, permanent damage may be done to various parts of the body notably the digestive system or the lungs and respiratory tract.


Claiming Compensation for Toxic Substance Accidents at Work

Under UK law, every employer is under an obligation to take reasonable steps in order to safeguard the health and safety of all employees. When employees work with or around toxic substances, they should expect proper safety precautions and procedures to be in place, such as the provision of adequate safety equipment.

If your employer has failed to observe the level of safety that they should have done by law, and this has led to you being injured by toxic substances, then you could well be entitled to claim compensation. This is a legal right for those who have been injured by another’s negligence without being at fault themselves, and is designed both to relieve the financial pressure that comes with being out of work and, as far as money ever can do so, help make up for your suffering.

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