Changing Lawyers : Costs & Delays

Posted by Oliver on February 13,2017

In a previous post, it was mentioned that – for many good reasons – a change of lawyer in personal injury litigation can be necessary. Indeed, it is your absolute legal right to choose what legal representation you want for your affairs, personal injury or otherwise.

In that previous post ( it was mentioned that it was a straightforward process of legal administration to switch lawyers. However, sometimes that is not the case. In some cases, there are unfortunate barriers to changing lawyers.

With many firms, a pattern often seen starts with the first lawyers missing an important fact in a case. From that, the conclusion is that the client does not have a good personal injury claim. The client is advised as such – and the lawyers prepare to close the file. The client requests a second opinion, or fresh legal representation, or even believes that something has been missed. The new lawyers instructed contact the previous lawyers requesting their case files. The previous lawyers should send over their records without delay and cost (excepting reasonable costs and delays due to storage and related) – but sometimes that does not happen.

In quite a few instances, some firms refuse to release the case files unless the new lawyers agree to accept responsibility for the costs incurred in working on the case, on behalf of the client. In this way, the fees and costs originally considered as lost when the case file was closed will be recoverable by the first lawyers, as those costs will be added to any settlement arrived at, either out of court or by a court order. In personal injury litigation, the defendant pays the claimant’s costs – in addition to compensation – if the claimant is successful. Under the terms of most “no with , no fee” agreements, if the claimant loses, those costs are generally cancelled.

If successful, the costs and fees incurred by the first lawyers remains payable, and is reflected in any settlement agreement. Those costs are added to the costs incurred by the second lawyers, and passed on to the original lawyers – provided that the case file is still open, and the advice was to carry on with the case.

However, if the advice was to end the litigation, or the case file was closed, in many cases, those costs and fees incurred are cancelled, and are a loss on the firm’s balance sheets. The client does not owe the first lawyers anything. As such, there is rarely good legal reason for the original firm to ask for the client – via the new lawyers – to guarantee the costs they incurred. However, those fees and costs can indirectly be recovered.

Although in many instances it is easy to transfer a personal injury claim to another lawyer, in some cases it is more difficult, or can impact upon the final settlements and agreements because of how personal injury litigation is funded and resolved finanacially. As such, some lawyers will attempt to hang on to the file, which often delays legal proceedings.

Rest assured, at, we are proactive in transferring cases. We have many years experience in taking over personal injury cases from other legal firms as swiftly as possible, to minimise delays. Your case will be handled professionally and efficiently by our experts, and we will complete the file transfer process with the least delay or fuss possible to you. Many personal injury claims have been successfully resolved by our team at after being transferred from other lawyers.

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Changing Lawyers

Posted by Oliver on January 18,2017

During any legal claim or case, there are any number of reasons why it might become necessary to change your legal representatives.

For whatever reason, the client might feel not adequately represented in court by their lawyer, or might have lost confidence in them. Another common reason is a breakdown in communication and trust between the client and their lawyer. The lawyer might not be communicating details or progress about the case satisfactorily. Any of those or many other reasons might inspire someone to seek someone else to represent them in court.

The question is – how do you change lawyers half way through a case?

The first thing is always to try to work through any differences. Discuss your concerns with your current solicitor first, to see if any issues or misunderstandings can be cleared up. If that does not work, or if you area still not convinced by your current solicitor – then it is your right to seek different legal representation.

Changing solicitors is actually easier than many imagine. Essentially, once fresh legal representation has been found, the old law firm closes their case files, and ends them to the new lawyers, who open their own files and resume where the old firm left off. At first, there needs to be good communication between the two firms to ensure a seamless transition of the case, and to ensure that all information is transferred over. In the vast majority of cases, there is very little for the client to do, except to sign contractual agreements, and agreements to transfer personal information between the two firms. As far as costs are concerned, again in the vast majority of cases, there are few costs, as the new firm usually agrees to cover the fees and costs incurred by the old law firm – which is reflected in any fees paid by you to the new firm, or funding agreements.

After the change, the legal proceedings will resume as normal – but just with new lawyers.

At, we have received many such transferred files every year. We are always happy to represent those won have suffered personal injury, either from the beginning of their legal claim, or half way through a case. When a file is transferred, we will ensure that we are able to fully and adequately represent you in a timely and efficient manner. Our experienced lawyers will handle your transferred case with the utmost dedication and professionalism. It it that dedication and professionalism that makes many people choose to transfer their personal injury claim to every year.

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