Industrial Diseases

The manufacture of goods and the availability of services is what makes the modern quality of life possible. Over the years industry has been the building blocks of all of society. Unfortunately working conditions have not always been held up to a safe level. While many safety and health rules and regulations are now in place, past laws were loose. Even with all of the thought and care that goes into making industry safe, industrial diseases and workplace accidents are all too common.


Employers Liability

Employers are required to provide a safe and healthy workplace. This can mean making sure that workers are well trained and have the proper protective and safety gear available to them at all times. When complaints are made, employers are expected to set a high standard of caring and compassion. If you believe that your current or former employer or that of a loved one, has been negligent, you or your loved one may be eligible for compensation to help cover costs.

In the UK the employer is required to be insured in case of accidents or damages. This doesn’t mean that they want to make a claim against their policy. Those that attempt to make a claim may run into trouble with their employer or may be offered a settlement figure that is lower than what the employee deserves.


Common Industrial Diseases

Conditions of the lungs and respiratory system such as Emphysema and Mesothelioma can become an issue many years after exposure to harmful substances. These diseases occur most often in industries such as mining or construction. Exposure to asbestos is often the culprit that causes Mesothelioma

Doing repetitive motions for many hours while standing can be hard on the joints, hips, and hands. Those that have worked in the manufacturing or fisheries industries may find that they are suffering from osteoarthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome that can make it painful to do every day activities or maintain a full time job.

Cellulitis of the hand is an infection of the soft tissues of your hand that can occur due to injuries, chronic dermatitis, and occupations where your joints are used more than average. This infection can be serious and lead to lost work time. It can be a symptom of other industrial diseases.

Nerve conditions such as peripheral neuropathy can lead to loss of feeling, pain, and numbness in the legs, hands, or feet. This can be caused by damage from injuries or simply working too long at repetitive tasks over the years. Vibration White Finger occurs in those that run vibrating tools for long periods of time.

Any industry can have a high level of noise. Having the proper hearing protection is essential to preventing industrial deafness. Deafness can occur in worker of all ages. Exposure to even one large noise can cause damage. A hearing test is the only way to find out just how well you can hear. All too often those that have hearing loss do not realize it until it is already having a big impact on their life.

Dermatitis is a condition that occurs when workers are exposed to harmful substances that cause skin issues such as flaking, peeling, rashes, and more.

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Getting The Help You Deserve – No Win No Fee

Filing a claim for injuries and damages is a process. You are responsible for proving that your injuries or illness are a direct result of actions or lack of actions of your employer. A complete medical exam and diagnosis is a critical part of building your claim. In some cases you may even need to get the opinions of several medical professionals to make a solid case.

Your claim is much more likely to be successful if you contact an experienced claims solicitor at our office. When you have an experienced team working for you then you can rest assured that your claim is being built and processed as efficiently and easily as possible.

If you or a loved one has been affected by an industrial disease, there is no better time than the present to make an appointment so you can get help with the added expenses and loss of quality of life that can occur when you are dealing with an industrial disease. Our solicitors are also experienced at claims that are for multiple illnesses and disease caused by the same employer. For example if you worked in the mining industry you might be the victim of industrial deafness as well as osteoarthritis.