Dermatitis Compensation Claims

Dermatitis In The Age Of Industry

Unexplained allergies and rashes can be the result of exposure to industrial substances. This is particularly common in those that have worked in any industry that uses chemical or pharmaceutical ingredients. Manufacturing facilities that release pollutants can also be a culprit. If you live near or work in a facility that exposes you to chemicals in any form, you may be entitled to compensation. Other substances that can cause dermatitis are those that are abrasive or make the skin more prone to eruptions and infections


The Role Of The Employer

Employers have an obligation to provide appropriate safety gear and protection against noxious or irritating substances. If you feel that your employer or previous employer has been negligent in providing you with a the tools you need to be safe in the workplace, you may be eligible to receive compensation that varies depending on the severity of your problem.

Dermatitis is not always taken seriously by employers until it has become a serious issue for the employee.


Symptoms of Industrial Dermatitis

Unexplained rashes or hive like bumps are some of the signs of dermatitis. Here are some other signs to watch out for.

  • Increased symptoms while at work.
  • Urge to scratch any part of your skin
  • Inability of non prescription creams, allergy, pills, or ointments to alleviate symptoms
  • Swelling or redness over areas of the skin
  • Flaking or excessive dryness
  • Cracking or even bleeding of exposed skin

Skin conditions can vary a lot based on the individual. A variety of irritations can occur at different levels of exposure to some substances. Since allergies and dermatitis can develop over time, just because you never had a problem in the past doesn’t mean that you will not develop symptoms as you age. Unfortunately symptoms can keep getting worse unless treated properly.


Types of Industrial Dermatitis

Not all dermatitis is caused by an allergic reaction. Some substances are just hard on the skin. Excessive drying or cracking can occur when someone is exposed to a substance that affects the skin’s ability to hold in moisture.

Caustic or acidic chemicals can cause burns even or lesions that become more noticeable over time. Your doctor can help determine the cause of your dermatitis. It is possible that you may have been exposed to a substance that you were not aware could cause a problem.

Sometimes you may have been exposed to a substance whose effects were not known at the time so safety measures and equipment were insufficient. Regardless of the fact, the employer is responsible for damages to your health and well being.


Industrial Dermatitis Compensation Claims

If you have began to experience industrial dermatitis then you have 3 years to file a claim. The sooner the claim is filed, the better because you will be more likely to have the funds to treat your condition and make up for any impacts it has on your working and home life.

If dermatitis was a factor in a loved ones death, a claim must be filed within 3 years of the official date of death. Dermatitis can and does lead to fatal side effects at times. Infections can occur much more easily if skin is irritated and inflamed.

Some chemicals that can cause dermatitis can also effect the immune system, making the former employee much more susceptible to a variety of diseases and conditions. Any health conditions that you are suffering from need to be clearly described when you make your claim for damages. Sometimes people do not realize that exposure to some chemicals can cause such a wide range of symptoms.


No Win No Fee Dermatitis Compensation

There is no question that employers are looking for any excuse to not pay a claim brought against them. A qualified solicitor can use their experience to ensure that employers are held liable for damages they have caused their employees. You may be entitled to more than you think. Any expenses you incur as a result of your condition may be added to your claim.

Do not feel that you are alone when it comes to dealing with your health issues. Many people are exposed to substances and never realize that there is help available to them. Lost work time, medical bills, and loss of quality of life can all add up quickly.

Contact us today for a free consultation. Our team of expert solicitors has the experience you need to win your claim and get the compensation you deserve. There is no financial obligation unless we win your claim.


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