Emphysema Compensation Claims

Those that spend anytime at all in the industrial world may at some point come into contact with substances that have long term effects on their breathing. Emphysema is a very debilitating and life threatening condition that develops and impairs the lungs ability to take in air properly. As the disease increases it is more easy for those suffering to become short of breath.

Those that are exposed to air borne debris or chemical vapors are at risk for developing emphysema. Other conditions such as Mesothelioma can trigger or make emphysema worse. Not having access to the proper safety gear on a job site can lead to increased exposure to harmful substances and vapors. If you believe your current or past employer did not warn you of workplace dangers and/or provide you with the necessary equipment to work safely, you may be eligible for compensation at a level that is matched to the extent of your injuries.

Those that are or were in the fields of mining are some of the highest risk workers for developing Emphysema and Mesothelioma. Those that have worked in mining should have their lungs checked regularly so that the conditions can be prevented or caught early on so treatment has a better chance at yielding good results.


Symptoms of Emphysema

• Decreased lung capacity and shortness of breath
• Lack of ability to walk very far or take part in physical activities
• Frequent coughing and/or clearing of the throat
• Smoking increases symptoms
• Feeling light headed or dizzy after light activity
• More susceptibility to colds, flu, and other airborne illnesses
• Changes in skin hue such as blue toned lips

Emphysema has no cure but can be treated so that symptoms do not progress as rapidly. When Emphysema reaches a certain level of impact, bottled oxygen may be needed wherever you travel. This can make travel to more remote areas hard or impossible without extra planning and care.

If you have been a smoker for years it can be more difficult to prove employer negligence is the cause of your emphysema. Those that have smoked should never attempt a claim without consulting a qualified solicitor. Firms that are trying to avoid paying claims will try to blame smoking for all of an employees health problems if they can.

The symptoms of Emphysema can become worse as someone ages because lung capacity has its own natural decline that when combined with this terrible condition, can lead to severe disability and decreased quality of life.


Loss of Work and Quality Of Life

Losing your ability to take part in daily activities or take care of yourself is devastating. The costs for proper medical care and services can add up quickly. A qualified attorney can help you make your claim with the greatest chance of success. The only way to know how much you may qualify for is to have a consultation to discuss how Emphysema is having an impact on your life.

Not being able to work until you reach a comfortable age for retirement can have a devastating impact on the financial security of you and your dependents. If your employer caused your disability through negligence then you need to make sure that you are compensated so you can take the best care of your family in the future.


The Advice and Help You Need For A Successful Claim

Our team of solicitors is here to help you gather evidence and file the proper paperwork for a successful claim. We do not get any compensation for our services unless we are successful in getting you compensation. This is but one reason you can be assured that when we take a case, we follow through on every promise we make.

A solicitor can also let you know what types of medical documentation will be required to prove your claim is valid. Some insurance companies may want the opinion of several experts rather than just a standard physician. Our team will make sure that you are evaluated fairly and experience as little discomfort as possible. Your time is valuable and we know that.

Contact us today for a free claims consultation. It doesn’t matter where you are at in the process when you call, we can help you navigate the claims process with the best level of success and make your experience less frustrating. We are also experienced at handling claims that have multiple parts. Those that are exposed to asbestos for example may develop several different lung conditions.


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