Osteoarthritis Compensation Claims

Working hard is a good thing until you realize what a toll it has taken on your body or that of a loved one. Arthritis is often the result of large amounts of manual labor that causes wear and tear to joints that can lead to decreased cartilage and moderate to severe pain. Industrial jobs where workers must lift, bend, or do repetitive motions for many hours are the most common causes of work place related arthritis. If you are suffering or know someone else that is then you should get an evaluation to see if you qualify for compensation.

Over the years arthritis can go from barely noticeable to completely debilitating. It is important to start the process of applying for compensation as soon as possible so you or your loved one can get the proper medical treatments and support that is needed to maintain a good quality of life over the years. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that it is not worth it to get help. Arthritis may be effecting your life more than you realize.


Very Common Complaint Of Workers

Arthritis is one of the most common complaints to those that have done work over the years that requires a lot of movement or stress on the joints. Damage caused by other injuries can increase the chances that a worker will suffer from arthritis later in life.



• Pain when lifting, bending, or performing repetitive motion
• Stiffness in the morning or later in the day
• Decreased ability to walk short distances without pain
• Dull or sharp pains and aches when doing basic movements
• Swelling of the joints that comes and goes


Employees Rights

If you have ever had doubts about how your workplace environment has had an impact on your quality of life and overall wellbeing, then you need to consult your doctor as well as a qualified claims attorney to see what can be done to help you make up for the inconvenience and pain caused by your joint pain. For example if your employer did not give enough breaks or offer chairs to set in when possible, they may be liable for damages that you have went through.

Some employers are completely aware of past issues and expect claims to be made against them. They might tell you that you have no right to damages in the hopes that you never broach the subject with a qualified attorney. You worked hard for your company, now it is time for your employer to compensate you for what that hard work has done to you.


Oesteoarthritis in Young Adults

Even if you are younger, it is possible that you have experienced neglect from an employer. While arthritis is more common and usually more painful in those that are older, it can also strike younger workers at any age. Sometimes injuries such as breaks or strains and sprains in the workplace can cause arthritis to develop later regardless of age. There is no shame in getting a checkup to see if your pain is related to a previous injury.

Even if you have received compensation for a previous injury you may still be eligible for compensation for any other effects that you have to deal with at a later time such as arthritis. Medical bills and lost work time can have a devastating impact on your quality of life so why not get the help you need and deserve?


Claiming Compensation for Oesteoarthritis

The only way to know if you have a valid claim is to make an appointment with an attorney and get the advice of a physician. If your health issues are already well documented then you likely have what you need to get started building your claim.

The process is a lot easier when you have an experienced team to help you navigate through all the hurdles that an employer can attempt to put in front of you if they know you are making a claim. With just a few moments of your time and a medical exam you could be well on your way to an easier way of life that you have not seen since your suffering began.

Contact our experienced team of solicitors at anytime for advice on how to proceed with your claim and find out what we can do to help you get the compensation you are entitled to. There is no better time than now to get started with your claim.


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