Vibration White Finger Claims

Vibration white finger occurs when workers use vibrating tools too much. This conditions affects many thousands of workers each year by affecting the nerves, joints, and muscles of the hand. Symptoms can be mild to severe depending on how much the worker uses vibrating tools and other factors such as age and preexisting conditions like arthritis. Vibration White Finger is now often called Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome or HAVS.


Causes and Prevention

Vibration White Finger can be prevented to some degree. Here are some methods of prevention:

  • Use proper tools for the job. Low quality tools or those that are not maintained properly can increase vibrations and risk of injury-at-work.
  • Mix up job duties to decrease the length of time between breaks from operating vibrating tools
  • Make sure workers are trained in the proper use and have the right safety gear for any tool they are operating



It is crucial that those that begin to show symptoms get the help they need as soon as possible. Vibration White Finger can be treated more easily the sooner the condition is give attention. Employers that ignore employee concerns and well being should be reported immediately. If your employer has ever coerced you into working when there is an obvious problem, then you need to include this information when making your claim. Here are some of the symptoms that are most common in those suffering from Vibration White Finger. Symptoms can get worse rapidly if not treated.

Numbness and Tingling

Hands can get a fuzzy feeling that can last for minutes or hours depending on the severity. Those with mild cases may only experience this at the tips of their fingers. Whiteness can appear and will grow if the condition worsens until the whole finger may turn white.

Changing Colors

Those that suffer from white finger may experience fingers that go from white to flushed red within a short period of time. This is the result of circulation and blood flow returning to areas that have damaged blood vessels. This can be followed by a throbbing sensation that can last until the hand reaches a certain level of blood flow.

Loss of Movement and Dexterity

Those that are affected severely by this condition may find that they are not able to move their affected hands or fingers. This lack of dexterity most often occurs during the cooler months such as winter. Those suffering may find that they cannot hold onto objects as well or have pain or loss of feeling when doing everyday activities.

Are You Eligible To Make A Claim?

Employers have a duty to provide a safe working environment to their employees. Adequate breaks and safety equipment can go a long way towards preventing Vibration White Finger. If you believe that your employer was negligent in providing the proper work environment and you or a loved one is now suffering as a result, you may be eligible to make a claim for compensation.

The UK Health and Safety Executive rates tools based on the concept of “trigger time”. This is a method of measuring that helps quantify how much of an impact each tool has on hands and body during a give time. The higher the value, the less time the tool should be used in a single session.


Most Common Occupations

Anyone that has worked in any field that has required extensive use of vibrating tools is at risk for developing Vibration White Finger. Here are just a few of the occupations most at risk. Have you worked in any of these occupations? If so you may have a valid claim for damages.

• Landscaping that requires the use of weedeaters, leaf blowers, and other power tools.
• Construction and demolition jobs where you have used drills, jackhammers, saws, and other equipment
• Manufacturing
• Logging


Making Your Claim

It is important that those suffering from vibration injuries realize that there is help available to them to reduce the impact the condition has on their quality of life. Our team of solicitors is dedicated to providing you with the support and services you need to make a successful claim. Don’t let employers intimidate or fall for settling a case for a much lower sum than you deserve.

Contact us today for a consultation and let us get started building the most solid case we can to get the maximum amount available to you to help cover the cost of medical bills, loss work time, and help with daily activities.


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