Injury Claims

Injury Claims Compensation the Easy Way

If you need to make injury claims for compensation then has made it as easy as can be. Furthermore, while your claim is handled by one of our expert personal injury solicitors, you will be given support and advice from our friendly team all the way through the procedure.
We would also like to point out that, as a bonus, we offer you a £1000 advance on your injury claim, as we know that, in the aftermath of an injury, life can be very difficult. The advance is our way of helping you get things back in order.
To get the compensation cash you deserve, call us today on 0161 399 1235 or Request a Free Call Back.

Compensation Claims Experts

You may not be aware but you have a basic legal right to claim compensation for any injuries sustained in an accident that was caused by the negligence of another party. This could be an accident at work, one in the home caused by faulty appliances, a car accident, motorcycle accident or any other type of mishap. Hundreds of thousands of people make successful personal injury claims every single year.
If you, or a member of the family or a friend, have suffered injury that was not your fault then you can make a compensation claim. Many people find the idea of claiming to be a daunting prospect, and that’s why we have a team of professional advisers with expertise in claims law ready to give you all the advice and help you need. Our injury solicitors are experienced in head and brain injuries, medical negligence claims, car and motorcycle accident claims, whiplash injuries, accidents at work and all types of personal injury claims, meaning we have everything you need to make a successful claim.
As experts in the field we also know that injuries can harm careers, make things difficult for friends and families and also result in considerable mental torment, so we will support you all the way.

How Much Am I Entitled To?

You can get a good idea of how much you may be entitled to by using our simple online claims calculator, but you should bear in mind that this is only a rough guide. For a more accurate figure you should talk to one of our expert claims advisers, as all injury claims are subject to different factors such as individual personal circumstances. It has never been easier to claim compensation, so give your compensation claims the best chance of success, simply give us a call now on 0161 399 1235 and speak with one of our friendly claim experts or Request a Free Call Back.

How Do I Make a Personal Injury Claim?

First, it is important to remember that you need to have suffered injury in an accident that was caused by another party’s negligence in order to claim compensation. You will not be awarded a payment if the accident was your fault. Now, you also need to make sure you observe the following advice if you suffer such an injury:
1. First and foremost – Visit the Doctor if you’re having health problems

2. Collect any paperwork you have about your injury
3. Make a note of the location of the injury
4. Ready any medical history and witness statements backing up your case
5. Start your claim
To begin your claim you should call us at or fill in the online form and we will call you. We offer a package, called Claims 1000, that we believe is the best available in the UK. Not only do we give you the £1000 cash advance, but we ALSO provide a replacement like for like car if necessary, PLUS we offer a no win no fee service that means you will not have to pay if your claim is not successful. This is, as far as we are concerned, the perfect injury claims package.

Injury Claims Advice for Free

If you need to enquire about making a personal injury claim, and want advice on claiming, either call us right away or fill in the online form and one of our expert personal injury claims solicitors will call you back very soon. Our staff are trained to the highest standards to be professional, friendly and sensitive, and will help you through the process of making a claim. We always try to put you in touch with a local injury claims solicitor, as we know many people prefer to deal with someone close at hand, but we also understand that this may not be the best professional for the job. Therefore, we always make sure we find the right solicitor for your individual needs.

No Win No Fee Injury Claims Solicitors

As we know it is not always easy for you to call us during normal working hours we make sure or dedicated advisers are there to take your call seven days a week. We make it our business to make sure you get the service you deserve. Whenever you make an enquiry, even on a weekend, we will try and get back to you within 15 minutes. Whether you need to make a whiplash claim, a head injury claim, a car accident claim or any type of personal injury claim, do not delay – get your claim under way right now.