Medical Negligence Compensation Claims

In the UK, doctors, nurses and other clinicians spend many years in education and training before treating patients. Further, they are supported by advanced technology, and a lot if modern medical resources. Whether private or public, the UK healthcare system is modern, efficient, and has professional healthcare workers.

Despite all that, and every care and attention taken, sadly clinical and medical error does happen. When such medical errors do occur, it is rarely straightforward, and often leaves patients with worse medical conditions than what they initially were suffering from. Aside from the medical complications, the impact of such clinical error can be to leave someone distressed, confused and upset. Often patients want an explanation as to what went wrong, and an apology.

Clinical and medical negligence can happen in any number of medical situations, arising from any number of reasons. Some of the more common areas of medical negligence include:


Delay In Diagnosis (including cancer)

Surgical Error

Prescription & Medication Errors

Pregnancy & Birth Injuries

That list is not exhaustive: medical negligence covers many incidents not included.

For patients, and those affected by clinical wrongdoing or error, the good news is that you have legal rights- including the right to be compensated for your personal injuries. If you were injured by medical negligence within the last three years, in most cases you could be eligible for compensation.


Clinicians And The Law

Doctors and all other healthcare workers are liable for their actions toward their patients, and for any fault, error or negligence in their  medical care. All clinicians have both a moral and a legal duty of care towards their patients. Medical errors, be they a misdiagnosis, incorrectly performed surgical procedure, wrong prescription, or indeed anything else, often occurs due to the negligence of that particular clinician, breaching that doctor/patient duty of care.

With that taken into consideration, patients can make a medical negligence claim for any substandard medical care received. However, before making any such claim, certain matters must to be established. Firstly, it must be proved, according to civil law, that the healthcare worker was indeed negligent as regards your care ‘on the balance of probabilities.’ Further, the standard of healthcare you received must be shown to have fallen below what ‘reasonably could be expected.’ The most difficult part of any medical negligence compensation claim is in proving that the personal injury you received was as a result of the clinical negligence. Specialists and experts can often be required to give a legal and medical opinion regarding that issue of causation.


Medical Negligence Solicitors

Making a legal claim after suffering medical negligence can often be daunting. After all, you went to a doctor or clinician to get better- and ended up with further or worse injuries.  Although financial compensation is never an alternative to good health, it can often go a long way. In many cases, making a compensation claim against a clinician is more about seeking an admission of medical negligence, and getting an apology and an explanation.

Medical negligence is a very specialist and complicated area of law; if wanting to make a claim against a doctor for negligence and personal injury, be sure to use an experienced medical negligence solicitor. has been handling medical negligence claims just like yours for many years. If you received a personal injury as a result of medical negligence, and it was within the last three years, contact our friendly team of experts today to see whether you can get compensation.

If in your case you are able to pursue a legal claim for personal injury, we will manage the whole case for you, right from initial consultation to any final settlement. Our lawyers will explain everything to you simply and clearly, and set out for you all of your legal options. Throughout the whole legal process will keep you fully informed and updated as to the progress of your case. At, we fully understand both the physical and psychological impact that medical negligence can have. As such, we make claiming compensation for your injuries following any medical negligence as easy as possible.


No Win, No Fee Medical Negligence

Our solicitors at also fully know that going to court can be expensive. As such, we take most of our medical negligence claims under a Conditional Fee Arrangement (CFA) basis of funding. Popularly known as a ‘no win, no fee’ funding arrangement what that means is that fundamentally you do not pay us anything until a final settlement with your surgeon or health centre is arrived at. This means that you can pursue your medical negligence compensation claim at little or no financial risk to yourself.

If you have suffered complications to an existing condition, or indeed ended up with a new set of medical issues, following surgical error within the last three years, that was a result of the negligence of your surgeon or their team- then talk to the medical negligence solicitors at today to discuss whether you could claim compensation for your injuries.