Accidents Involving A Coach Or Bus

2011/2012 saw over five billion bus or coach journeys made in the UK. That was an increase from previous years – and recent years have seen that figure only increase. 2011 also saw in excess of 70,000 licensed buses on the roads; that number has also increased.

The rules and regulations behind bus and coach operations set a great importance on safety; buses and coaches run with that as a primary concern. Indeed, drivers have to attend specialist courses, and receive a high level of driver qualification.

Despite such an emphasis on safety – for drivers and staff, passengers, other vehicles and pedestrians- accidents can happen. Of those five billion journeys, and 70,000 vehicles, 2011 also saw 7,000 reported accidents involving coaches or buses, which left over 800 seriously injured, and 71 fatalities.

The cause of those accidents can be anything. Aside from collisions with other vehicles, tripping or falling when everything and leaving such vehicles can also lead to injuries. Moving around whilst the vehicle is in motion can also lead to accidents and injuries. Unsecured luggage either on the floor or an overhead compartment can also become a hazard. Weather and other environmental factors could lead to an accident, as can mechanical defects or failures.

Whatever the cause, such accidents on coaches or buses can leave passengers and others with significant injuries. As in many road accident, whiplash or damaged limbs or broken bones are common injuries. Some injuries can be less severe (a sprain or torn ligament) – with other injuries being much more severe (spinal damage). Aside from any physical injuries, in some cases the mental trauma following a bus or coach accident can also be equally significant and long lasting.

The many and varied injuries receive in a coach or bus accident can often take a very long time to completely recover from. Some injuries can be long term, or can end up more serious than was initially thought. Aside from medical care and treatment (sometimes specialist), physiotherapy or occupational therapy as necessary, some very serious injuries might require adaptations in home or work life. Time off work to recover is often needed – but the resulting loss of earnings can put a severe strain upon household finances.



After The Accident

After being involved in any road traffic accident, it is vital to seek medical attention immediately. Ensuring others involved around you receive help and assistance is also important.

It is also important to cooperate or assist with the police, emergency services and (later on) any insurance companies or other investigators, as they work to establish the cause of the accident. Any evidence (video, photos, contact details of others, etc) that you or others may have can all be of importance in investing the bus or coach accident.

From that, once the at fault party is established, in many cases – depending on the exact circumstances – it is possible for you to make a personal injury claim again the party responsible for your injuries.

If you decide to seek compensation, and to take legal action against the party responsible for your injuries – it is always best to use an expert lawyer. Lawyers such as the personal injury specialists at


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After being injured in an accident involving a coach or bus, legal action and seeking compensation is often the last thing on your mind whilst recovering from your injuries and any mental trauma. Going to court is also often perceived by many as complicated and difficult.

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