Hit & Run Accidents

Despite all and every precaution, and modern safety devices and traffic measures – it is sadly only too easy to have a car accident on the roads.

The accident can range from anything, to a simple bump or scrape, or a serious head on collision. Regardless of the nature of the accident, the results can be devastating.

Drivers and passengers alike can receive any number of horrific injuries. These can range from sprains to cuts – to broken limbs and internal organ damage. Sometimes multiple injuries can be reduced in a car accident. Recovering from those injuries can take time, and could invoke specialist treatment, physiotherapy or even alterations to work and family life for some serious injuries. During that time, time off work could be required, bringing with it a subsequent strain on household finances. Some injuries can also be long term, impacting upon your life way into the future. Indeed, mental traumas can sometimes follow being involved in a car accident.


After The Accident

The most important matter after the car accident is to get urgent medical attention. Establishing the cause of the accident, and investigating the accident is also important. As such, it is necessary for the parties involved to stop and exchange details. Getting details from witnesses, or video evidence, can be be necessary.

However, some drivers do not stop. Some drivers to not stop to assist after causing an accident, or stop to exchange details. That in itself can add to the trauma: you have just been injured, and the driver responsible has fled the scene. Even though it is harder to prosecute such drivers – it is still possible to seek compensation from them for their actions.

After getting medical attention, for accidents involving hit and run drivers, you have five days within which to contact the police in order to claim for property damage (including damage to your vehicle), or fourteen days to make a police report if you only want to make a claim in respect to your injuries. Another requirement is to notify your vehicle insurance provider as soon as possible.


Making A Claim

It is possible that the police, your insurance company, or others, might be able to track down the hit and run driver responsible. After that, if the road traffic accident was not your fault, and other legal criteria are met, then you have three years within which to make a claim for compensation for your injuries.

If the hit and run driver cannot be traced, then the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) can help in most cases. The MIB was set up by the insurance industry, together with the Department for Transport. Its sole purpose is to ensure that no-one misses out on being able to make a claim when they would normally be able to after a car accident- such as against an uninsured driver, or a driver who fled the scene. Any such claims made against the MIB are still subject to the same legal criteria.

Although making a claim against the MIB instead of the driver responsible is no different – it is still advisable to have a lawyer fighting your case.


Talk To Us

After being injured in a hit and run accident, seeking compensation is often the last thing that you are considering whilst recovering from your injuries. The whole legal claims process is also often perceived by many as complicated and difficult.

At CompensationClaims.co, our experienced lawyers will handle the whole claim for you, acting to secure the best settlement from you. After assessing whether you can indeed make a claim against the MIB (if the hit and run driver is not traced), we will set out all your legal options, and seek to get you the apology and compensation you deserve following the car accident.

At CompensationClaims.co, we fund most of our cases under Conditional Fee Arrangements (CFA’s). Popularly known as a “no win, no fee” funding agreement, what that means is that you pay nothing up front. It is only if your case is successfully settled that you pay our fees. As such, you can get compensation for your injuries at very minimal financial risk to you.

Making any claim after a hit and run accident can be very daunting and stressful. At we take on the burden of your accident compensation claim for you, so that you can recover from your injuries without the added concern of ongoing litigation.


If you have been involved in a car accident that was not your fault, and where the driver responsible did not stop – you could very well be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Speak to today on 0161 447 9193 to see whether you could be compensated for your injuries after being involved in a hit and run accident.