Accidents Involving A Fatality

Although British roads are very safe, what with rules and regulations governing road users and vehicles of all types – accidents can happen.

Despite the best precautions, modern safety features and installations, extensive (and sometimes specialised) driver training – accidents regretfully happen only too often on the roads.Those accidents can be of all types (from collisions to tripping whilst exiting a vehicle), and can involve all road users, from lorry drivers to pedestrian.

The injuries received in such accidents can be shocking. Even more shocking is that some road accidents can result in fatalities.There are no words to describe what their families go through after being informed that a loved one has been killed in a road traffic accident.


After The Accident

After any fatal accident, it is always an upsetting and emotive time for family and friends. In addition to grief and arranging a funeral, quite often the family might be caught up in police questions and investigations into the cause of the accident. Quite often, it is established that the victim was not at fault, and that the accident occurred due to the negligence or carelessness of another party. If that is the case, in many such a accidents, the family or legal next of kin can make a legal personal injury claim against the at fault party. Although no amount of apologies or compensation can ever fully compensate losing a loved one – any compensation can go a long way. Quite often, it is the principal at stake, and an acknowledgement of guilt or fault, that the family is after.

If considering seeking compensation for the death of a family member following a road traffic accident – it is worth remembering that the law is complicated in this area of personal injury law. Whilst it is absolutely a legal right to seek such compensation, it is best to use an expert in personal injury law. At, we have been handling claims over fatal road accidents for many years now.


Talk to Us

At such a time, our team would treat the family left behind with empathy and compassion. At the same time, our lawyers would assess whether the family could indeed make a claim for compensation against the at fault party, before outlining all the legal options available. Our dedicated lawyers will handle the whole claim on your behalf, from the initial consultation to any final settlement. We will set out to secure the best possible settlement for you.

At the majority of our cases are taken under a Conditional Fee Arrangement (CFA) funding agreement. More commonly referred to as “no win, no fee” funding agreements, essentially you pay nothing up front, with you paying our fees only if your case is successfully settled. As a result, you can make a legal claim for compensation for a fatal accident on the roads at minimal or no financial risk to yourself.

Making any legal claim for compensation after losing a family member to a road traffic accident can be bewildering, and stressful – and devasting after losing a close relative. Handling your case with sensitivity, our lawyers take the stress and uncertainty out of any personal injury litigation. Contact us today to see whether you could receive compensation after a losing a loved one to a fatal road accident.