Motorbike Accident Claims

For most people, road journeys are an everyday occurrence, and many people favour fast, lightweight, fuel-efficient motorcycles as a way to get around. Unfortunately, sometimes accidents take place on the road and these can result in serious injuries for those involved. Motorcycle users are especially vulnerable, as a motorbike saddle places you in a much more exposed position than the seat of a car.


Accidents on Motorcycles

Any kind of road traffic accident can result in serious injuries, but the level of danger is particularly high for motorcyclists. Car drivers are surrounded by a metal box complete with safety features such as impact bars, crumple zones, airbags and seatbelts whereas motorcycle riders are completely exposed. As a result, the motorcyclist’s body may impact with other vehicles or obstacles directly, or be thrown from the saddle altogether and hit the ground with considerable force.

Many motorcyclists are aware of this danger and make great efforts to ride sensibly and safely. However, no amount of skill as a rider nor effort to ride safely can completely guarantee that an accident will not take place. Sometimes, an accident will be caused by the actions of another road user, and there will be little or nothing that the motorcyclist can do to prevent it.


The Consequences of Motorcycle Accidents and Collisions

Motorcycle accidents can cause very severe injuries, and can prove fatal. Even in non-fatal cases, a motorcycle collision can have very serious consequences. The exposed position of a motorcycle user can lead to very serious injuries in the event of a crash. The force of colliding with another vehicle or being thrown to the ground at speed with relatively little protection can result in a wide range of injuries.

Broken bones and severe tissue damage such as major bruising or heavy bleeding are not uncommon following an accident involving a motorcycle. Motorbike accidents can also result in injuries to the spine, which can be painful, slow-to-heal, and have long-term or even permanent effects on the accident victim’s mobility. Despite the protection offered by crash helmets, head and brain injuries can also occur and these can have lasting implications for things like motor coordination, speech, and other cognitive functions such as learning ability.


Claiming Compensation for an Accident on a Motorbike

Sometimes accidents are unavoidable, cut sometimes they are caused by the reckless or negligent actions of another party. If you have been injured as a result of an accident on a motorcycle and somebody else was at fault, then you may be entitled to claim compensation. An example might be another road user who is negligent in their requirement to pay due care and attention to the road and to other road users, or somebody who is driving dangerously and failing to observe the rules of the road.

Compensation is awarded as a monetary payment, and is designed to serve two purposes. Firstly, as far as it is possible for money to do so, it is designed to help make up for the suffering and difficulties that your injuries have caused. It is also intended to help with any financial problems you have been left with as a result of your accident, for example if you have been left unable to work.

Getting Your Claim Started

Claiming compensation after an accident involving a motorcycle is easy with specialist professional help. At, we have a team of fully-qualified and highly-skilled solicitors dedicated to helping victims of accidents to get the compensation that is their legal right, and to making the claims process as easy and straightforward as it can be. We particularly specialise in Conditional Funding Agreements (CFAs), better-known as no win no fee arrangements. This allows you to start your claim safe in the knowledge that you will not be left financially worse off than when you started in the event your claim should not succeed.

To get an idea of how much you might be able to claim, you can use our easy online claims calculator. Alternatively, to get a more accurate estimate from a member of our team or to start moving forward with your claim, call us today on 0161 447 9193.