Accidents Involving Uninsured Drivers

Figures for 2013/2014 show that almost 500,000 drivers in the UK were convicted of driving a vehicle without insurance. With fines for that offence averaging at £300 compared to an average car insurance premium of £700, it is easy to work out why some people might take the risk of driving uninsured.With nearly 500,000 uninsured drivers caught and convicted, the real question is how many uninsured drivers are there on the roads? Conservative estimates put that figure at nearly two million.

With one in twelve drivers uninsured, the odds on being involved in an accident with an uninsured motorist is far higher than might be expected. New police powers allow vehicles to be impounded if they have no valid insurance cover: however, progress in removing uninsured cars and drivers from the roads is slow.

Even if just 2% of those uninsured drivers were to be involved in an accident, then that amounts to a worrying 20,000 accidents where at least one driver was uninsured. If that happens – what are the injured parties to do?


After The Accident

After seeking medical attention as a matter of urgency, and taking down the contact and other details of all involved parties, contact the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB). The MIB was set up by the insurance industry to provide compensation for victims of road traffic accidents who otherwise would have no prospect of making a compensation claim against the at fault party’s insurance. The initial objective for the MIB was to compensate innocent parties for personal injury. Now they also deal with property damage claims (vehicle damage etc).

The results of any accident involving vehicles can be to cause serious harm to drivers and passengers – and others. Whiplash, spinal and head injuries are very common following road accidents, with damaged limbs and broken bones are also being common. Other less serious injuries regularly include burns, sprains and scrapes. Aside from those and other physical injuries, the mental trauma following a car accident can also be significant and long lasting.

The many injuries arising from a car accident can often take a long time to fully heal. Aside from medical care and treatment, some injuries received can require adaptations in home or work life. Time off work to recover is often needed – but the subsequent loss of earnings will often put a severe strain upon your finances. Further, some injuries from a car accident can be long term, or be much more serious than initially thought.

Although claiming compensation might be the last thing on your mind – in many cases it is your legal right to. If the car accident happened within the last three years, and was not your fault – then you can in most cases seek compensation from the at fault driver, whether insured or uninsured. If uninsured, the advice is to seek the assistance of the MIB in tracing the driver and taking them to court. With or without the MIB, if making a claim for compensation for your injuries, you should always have a good lawyer to fight your case – such as the personal injury lawyers at


Talk To Us

After being injured in a road traffic accident, whether the driver is insured or not, seeking compensation and the claims process is often perceived as complicated and difficult.

Not so at Our specialist lawyers will handle your whole case, from initial consultation to final settlement, on your behalf. We will set out  clearly all your legal options, and reccommend the best course of action to take. After assessing whether you can indeed make a claim against the uninsured driver, we will seek to get you the apology and compensation you deserve after the car accident.

At most of our cases are taken under a “no win, no fee” funding scheme. Properly known as Conditional Fee Arrangements (CFA’s), that means essentially that you pay nothing up front. You only pay our fees if the case is successfully settled. As such, you can seek legal compensation from the uninsured driver responsible at minimal financial risk to you.

Making any legal claim after a road accident can admittedly be very stressful and daunting. At, we take all the stress and uncertainty out of any legal claims, enabling you to recover from your injuries without the added concern of ongoing litigation.


If you have been involved in a road accident with an uninsured driver within the last three years that was not your fault, and you were injured as a result – you could be entitled to compensation from the uninsured driver at fault. Speak to the personal injury lawyers on 0161 447 9131 today to see whether you could be compensated for your injuries.